The Overall Direction Of HRW Is To Protect Red Wattles As A Heritage Breed As Nature Alone Created. In Doing So HRW Members And Breeders Are Also Protected. It Takes Teamwork, Creativity, Compassion And Understanding By All Parties.

  1. HRW members only can register hogs. Anyone can own a registered hog. Registration will follow the hog with or without HRW membership. Non HRW members can also transfer ownership of a registered hog when in possession of and by submitting the official original registration document listing him or her as the owner. Registration follows the hog not the owner although ownership information is necessary to track the hog in keeping the registration and pedigree correct and to eliminate possibilities of fraud.
  2. Minimum age for registration is 12 weeks or 3 months. Maximum age is 18 months of age. Hogs over 18 months of age may be registered by submitting DNA confirmation of both sire and dam proving parentage. No hog will be registered if sale date is prior to 12 weeks or three months of age.
  3. Registered hogs must have HRW acceptable form of identification. Ear notch, ear tag, or microchip. Microchip only acceptable with confirming veterinary certificate submitted.
  4. Breeder or seller of any registered or to be registered hog must provide buyer with copies of either the completed official registration form, or the completed application to be registered.
  5. Breeder or seller of any registered or to be registered hog must submit completed original registration or registration application to HRW within 2 weeks of sale or purchase.
  6. All hogs to be registered must meet or exceed HRW breed standards.
  7. Anyone selling a bred hog that is registered to them at time of breeding, will be listed as breeder regardless of sire or location.
  8. Persons must own or be in the process of obtaining a Red Wattle to become a HPRW member.
  9. DNA of registered hogs at this time is not required with the exception of requesting duplicate registrations. Subject to change when DNA can track particular swine breed traits that better serve the breed.
  10. Membership to HRW must be valid at time of farrowing or litter will not be registered. No exceptions.
  11. Recovery or R to R registrations are allowed to complete full registration. No registrations will be issued if breeding is sibling to sibling, sire to daughter or dam to son. 4 color pictures must be submitted with registration application consisting of both complete left and right sides, rear end and head or face. No new beginning registrations will be issued for R 1 or Recovery 1 to begin the recovery process. HRW is allowing all hogs currently in the recovery program to complete that process.
  12. Primary farm or home for Red Wattles must be Red Wattle hog breed only.
  13. No hog shall be named after buyers name or buyers farm name or initials.

Additional Information And Or Requirements