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Heritage Purebred Red Wattles

Red Wattles are named for their red hair coat and the distinctive wattles that swing from their jowls.  They come in a variety of shades of red, from light strawberry blond to a deep dark cherry red, almost black.  The hair is always a consistent color throughout however there can be dark or black patches of skin pigment on or around the underlines.  They’re currently on the Threatened list with The Livestock Conservancy, (TLC).

They’re known as foragers and grazers and do well in most climates.  They’re excellent mothers typically producing litters from 7 to 12 with a generous supply of milk.  Their gentle nature proves to be a good choice for the small scale or independent producer.  They’re capable of reaching 800 to 900 lbs. or more as full grown adults.

Heritage Red Wattles